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Re: TS 2000 in Sat mode

The TS2K can be confusing to a new operator.  Searching the archives on both amsat-bb and the Yahoo! TS-2000 reflector is always worth a few minutes to see if the query has been answered before:

1.  The tone function does not work in SATL mode (for some reason) and you must work SO-50 in SPLIT mode.  Before SO-50, this was never an issue.  Perhaps if you wrote to Kenwood, they would consider adding this to the list of software updates to include in the next firmware upgrade (easy to do by downloading the "patch" from Kenwood).

2.  There is not a problem using UHF on the SUB VFO for AO-7.  Just put the mode to SATL and set the MAIN VFO to VHF (145) and the SUB VFO to UHF (435).  You cannot have both VFOs in the same band, so make sure the SUB VFO is not in VHF when you start.

73 es GL,
Jerry, VK8OE

KB2RC writes:  Trying to set up TS-2000 in Sat modes. Some problems i cant figyre out.  
1 I put SO-50 in sat mem. When i try to put the tone in mem nothing happens.  
What am i missing?
2  Trying to set up AO-7 and AO-40 in sat mode using U band uplinks. The radio will not accept u band freq input on B which is the sat xmit vfo. How do i go about using ao7 and any sat that has an U band input on this radio in the sat mode. Do I have to use the split function for these sats?
I would appreciate some input.
Thanks  Bill  KB2RC

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