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Re: LVB tracker for tuning?

At 10:06 AM 5/10/2004 -0500, Wayne Estes W9AE wrote:
>Bill Sinbine wrote:
>Any chance of adding a tuner function to the tracker? This way I could do
>away with the slow computer that I'm using with the kct....
>It would be nice to use my laptop on field day also with the USB port!!!
>Wayne replies:
>All current satellite radio models use a serial port for computer 
>control.  (Almost) all computers have serial ports.  That's all the 
>hardware you need.  You just need the right software, such as InstantTune, 
>SatPC32, or W6IHG Radio Tuner (for Nova).  If you want to control your 
>radio with a USB port, you can use a USB-to-serial adapter with SatPC32 
>and W6IHG Radio tuner.
>Wayne Estes W9AE
>Mundelein, IL, USA

Hi Wayne
I know that it can be done using 2 cables or interfaces to the computer. It 
would be nice if there was a way to add this feature to a controller that 
would be able to do both so when using a lap top we wouldn't have to have 
extra ports or have to add serial or USB ports to a desktop computer.

Think about it .....
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Bill Sinbine

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