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RE: AO-7 Transponder stability.

Hi John,
           Re: your AO-7 stability posting.

The xtal LO is drifting off because the supply voltage is too low.
I tried an experiment with one of my xtal LO's and sure enough,
when the voltage is inadequate, the oscillator drifted low.
The bad new appears to be that if things get even a small bit
worse, the oscillator is likely to quit (as mine did)  for the
remainder of the orbit and will likely NOT restart unless the
voltage recovers quite a bi... next time it hits sunlight!

It takes more voltage to start an XTAL oscillator than to keep it
oscillating.  So low power is indeed the order of the day if the
power supply is so marginal.  Of course with AO7, thats not a
major issue, it gets restarted on every orbit anywhay (whew!

73 de Al.    <gm1sxx@amsat.org>

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