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RE: Rotor tracking

Hi Bill

> Any chance of adding a tuner function to the tracker? This way I could do
> away with the slow computer that I'm using with the kct....
> It would be nice to use my laptop on field day also with the USB port!!!
> Any chances???

In general it's possible to simply interface to a spare serial port on your
PC rather than going through a secondary interface. You can often use
USB-Serial converters, especially under the newer OS's, as well as standard
COM ports for this purpose.

There are also so many different CAT control codes for different radios that
to put it all into a PIC would be very tough indeed.

In addition, there isn't a standard as ubiquitous as the GS-232 rotator
standard for sending range-rate information for Doppler correction.

I'd also love to have done a standalone implementation like the Trakbox
where predictions are performed on the microcontroller. Again, limitations
of the PIC preclude this. You need a lot of RAM and ROM for all those
floating point operations, and there's not enough of that on these devices.

Typically I would expect a host computer setup to include:

o Real time prediction software (eg Nova, Wisp etc) interfacing directly to
the LVB tracker
o Same prediction software talking to a secondary program (eg, WispDDE) for
Doppler radio control

Hope that explains things!

73 Howard G6LVB

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