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Can we put this to bed, please?  

The survey in question was fully funded by a board member,
professionally design-reviewed, and as soon as the required
return percentage arrives, will be professionally evaluated.
All at no expense to AMSAT.    

The purpose was to provide vision/guidance for the board 
into the needs of what is clearly a contentious society.
At least some of the strong opinions visible here come from 
non-members, not-so-incidentally.  

Random sampling 10% of a population is more than sufficient
to produce reasonable confidence in the results.  

It seems to me that as a group, we have failed to come to
grips with the reality of launch economics.  Without government
subsidy or industry support, we have to PAY to put things in 
orbit.  Membership dues are insufficient to fund launches, by
a large margin.  As it stands, it will take 1000 of us,each
contributing USD 1000 to launch a bird.  

This is a more challenging environment than it was in 1994.
Some obviously find it frustrating, and liberally redirect that
frustration into uninformed AMSAT bashing.   

In an all-volunteer organization, implementing change requires
consent of those doing the work.  It can't be a fully public process,
and it isn't a democracy.  Doubt that?  Anyone investing 50-100 hours
a month to the benefit of the group can just as easily withhold those
hours, if he or she isn't happy with the proposed change.  

These rants on the BB are destructive and irresponsible. 


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