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Will GALILEO render S-band downlinks unusable?


check out 


and look at   "Status of GALILEO Frequency and Signal Design"

you will find that one of the bands GALILEO is to use ranges from 1260
to 1300 MHz.

Then check out


You will see that SSTL, the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. will build
the first test satellite.
Interesting is that the CEO of SSTL is Professor Sir Martin Sweeting,
G3YJO and the article quotes him as saying, that he is proud that SSTL
will build the first satellite in the GALILEO program.

The interference which must result from GALILEO in our S-band will not
only be heard in Europe.

What does AMSAT-UK do to correct this? What are the other AMSATs doing
to prevent our S-band from becoming unusable?


Werner, HB9US

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