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Re: Web based Surveys

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 02:02:47PM -0700, Michael Hatzakis, Jr wrote:
> Actually, building a survey that was web-based where
> we didnt have to send out a mailing is easy.  We build
> them all the time.  I am happy to volunteer to make a
> survey, using check boxes for mult choice, fill-in,
> radio buttons, etc.  Publish a link on the AMSAT web
> site.  Might me somewhat limited, but the people most
> active and interested are likely the ones visiting.

  Sure. As I keep saying, it would be interesting to compare how
a web based survey compares with a sample. If the results aren't that
skewed compared with the (more valid) statistically done survey,
then perhaps it could be considered in future. 

  This requires getting off of the list, emailing privately the appropriate
people and just doing it. Sounds to me we have a volunteer. congrats.

- Diane VA3DB
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