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RE: Web based Surveys

At 07:16 PM 5/6/2004 -0400, Eric H. Christensen wrote:


>Also, I don't think your comment "Making questions that weren't skewed to
>start with in the first place!!!" holds water, either...  Unless you know
>what the questions are that are on the survey and can tell me exactly what
>makes them invalid questions.

OR what makes them VALID !! This is the point I was getting at. The 
questions must be valid and I don't think most of us can do that!! Anyone 
can write questions that you have no other choice than to go down a certain 
path that they want you to go down.

>The bottom line is that surveys are scientific and are done in CONTROLLED
>ENVIRONMENTS.  Otherwise you don't have a survey anymore, you have a poll
>which must be explained specifically as to what it represents and you cannot
>say that a poll is representative of the AMSAT membership.

I agree but let them do their poll and see what type of results they come 
up with from the MEMBERSHIP only...There is no harm in someone doing 
that... I have no problems with the way Amsat conducted the survey. I 
didn't get one either and I have no problems with it....

>Disagree?  Write me off the BB and I'll quote from my Statistics Textbook.
>OR...  Google surveys and learn for yourself.
>Anyway you look at it, this survey is being done by a professional that
>wouldn't be doing it if they didn't know what they were doing.  Disagree?
>Just wait for the results and complain then...  If you can...

I wasn't complaining Eric I'm in agreement with you on this.If someone 
wants to do a poll then let him go and do it. Then we won't have to listen 
to this any more on the BB!!!

I just wanted to make a point and that will be all on this thread from 
me.... Let's get back to the sats!!!

Think about it .....
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Bill Sinbine

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