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Re: Web based Surveys

At 07:25 PM 5/6/2004 +0000, Al copland wrote:
>I've seen some interesting suggestions here.  Wow! I did not expect so 
>much personal email re this.
>I am not a web designer, it is not my field. I'm an ICT engineer, but were 
>AMSAT willing to go down the road of a full survey based on a membership 
>database, I could certainly consult our web designers at my workplace or 
>elsewhere  about the possibility of commisioning such a project.   The 
>real question is whether or not the AMSAT BOD would embrace voting for 
>all, rather than statistical methods.
>If it stopped the bickering and lead to greater transparency in the 
>decision-making process it could only be a good thing for both the BOD and 
>the general membership.
>Out of interest, I did a web search for 'Internet survey tools'. This 
>produced a multitude of hits. I believe the technology already exists for 
>this type of thing.  It is not a novel concept.
>73 de Al.

Hi Al

If you are a Amsat member then YOU are Amsat and there is nothing wrong 
with you doing this on line survey. Maybe you and a few others can get 
together and come up with some good questions for it. This would be the 
biggest problem that I can see. Making questions that weren't skewed to 
start with in the first place!!!

I would say that the best way to have the questions would have to be 
true/false and multiple choice. Other wise you would have a impossible time 
to figure it all out.

The other thing that it would need is it MUST be for MEMBERS only. You 
would have to get their name, address and Amsat number from them when they 
log in just to try and make sure it is a real member and not someone that 
just made up a number...

These are just a FEW things that I can think of off the top of my head you 
would have to do to have a on-line survey done that MIGHT have some meaning...

Other than that and whatever else you would have to do I say GO FOR IT Al !!!!

Bill Sinbine

Think about it .....
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