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Re: People and Statistics


On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 02:39:38PM +0000, Al copland wrote:
> Can you imagine a scenario where the government of your country (wherever
> you live) makes decisions of national importance affecting each and every
> one of you  based on the results of a voter survey of 1000 or even 10,000
> individuals?

  It happens all the time. If you think your MP consults every one
of their constituents on each bill before parliament, you are dreaming
in technicolour.

> Sheeesh!!! I can well imagine the probable outcome of such a policy.  The

{ my personal political view elided. ;-) }

> I assume AMSAT keep membership lists.  They certainly do here in the UK.
> Considering the cost of even the current survey, would it not make sense to
> give the entire membership the chance to answer this survey on-line?
> Some people might still be excluded through not having Internet access, but

  Thats the rub. The results may or may not be skewed depending on who
does and doesn't have internet access. (As I alluded to in an earlier post)

> here in the UK, the vast majority of members certainly do have the
> capability of voting online via the Internet. All those left out can vote

  And as I said, if someone cared to take up the work of setting up such
an online survey system, go for it. Take it off the list, approach
the BOD with a proposal and do the work. I for one, would be curious
how skewed the results would be with the statistically valid questionnaire
presently being done now.

> I doubt if the end results would be any different from those collected in a
> survey such as Gunther's, but that would be irrelevant.

  Prove it.

> My point here is that virtually *every* member would have a direct say,
> however small, in policy matters.  It would also have the distinct

> advantage that such surveys, conducted periodically,  could  be an ongoing
> feedback mechanism  to the betterment of long term decision making within
> AMSAT worldwide.

  Sure, and if the results were not skewed in comparison with Gunthers
then it could be a less expensive way of doing things. So, are you
going to volunteer to do the work?

> 73 de Al.
> IO75ST
> AMSAT-India.

- Diane VA3DB
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