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People and Statistics


Can you imagine a scenario where the government of your country (wherever 
you live) makes decisions of national importance affecting each and every 
one of you  based on the results of a voter survey of 1000 or even 10,000 

Sheeesh!!! I can well imagine the probable outcome of such a policy.  The 
numbers are fictional of course, as is the country in my 'thought 
experiment' but the scenario is real enough.

Perhaps that is the reason for the dissatisfaction of a good number of 
members who have taken the time and effort to voice their opinions on this 
BBS.  You may or may not agree with these people, but they are entitled to 
air their views.  Almost without exception, members who have voiced their 
opinions on this matter, myself included, have been flamed mercilessly. Is 
this what AMSAT is become?

I assume AMSAT keep membership lists.  They certainly do here in the UK.  
Considering the cost of even the current survey, would it not make sense to 
give the entire membership the chance to answer this survey on-line?

Some people might still be excluded through not having Internet access, but 
here in the UK, the vast majority of members certainly do have the 
capability of voting online via the Internet. All those left out can vote 
free of charge at their local community centre or library Internet terminal.

I guess that in the US, even more members will have Internet access than 
here in the UK, so why not throw the survey open to every current member 
with an interest in responding?

Not only would it be far cheaper than a paper survey, it would improve 
confidence in management by allowing far more members to participate.

I doubt if the end results would be any different from those collected in a 
survey such as Gunther's, but that would be irrelevant.

My point here is that virtually *every* member would have a direct say, 
however small, in policy matters.  It would also have the distinct advantage 
that such surveys, conducted periodically,  could  be an ongoing feedback 
mechanism  to the betterment of long term decision making within AMSAT 

Would this be a bad or undesirable thing?

We could then maybe get back to enjoying our amateur radio hobby :-)

73 de Al.

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