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Doppler on LEO's.

For those wondering about 2.4Ghz doppler on LEO's UO-11 is a good reference 
tool. Anyone who can't copy the S-band beacon live can download a zipped 
audio file from the site of G3CWV Clive.

The S-band beacon audio file was copied by KC6SZY (Joe) and is available for 
download by kind permission of Clive from his website at 

Click on the Oscar-11 link.
Scroll down until you come to the Audio files.
Download the S-band beacon file.
Unzip and enjoy!.

The beacon is being automatically tracked br THE STATION program. As will be 
heard, the doppler is severe. This is the reasoning behind the advocation of 
automatic tracking of microwave signals on LEO's like 

Thought experiment:

Imagine PSK31 on mode-S.....(that's what we of the "rocks for brains" 
brigade do).

The mind boggles!.

73 John.


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