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Doing the best they can.

With reference to "The one true rule" (doppler).

A lot of amateur satellite operators would like to have fully automated 
stations but many of them,
particularly among the newly established families, homebuilders and 
penionists etc.....often simply can't afford the extra investment.

Owning and using less sophisticated equipment doesn't necessarily mean that 
these particular operators are less knowledgeable or have a don't care 
attitude, it's often a case of doing the best they can with the means at 
their disposal.

Good luck to those fortunate enough to own and operate automated stations 
but please remember
the fact that for operators in some countries, a dedicated "satellite" rig, 
antenna + rotor system and a PC with the necessary automatic tracking 
software is just not an option.

73 John. <la2qaa@amsat.org>

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