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Re: One true rule in 2004...


I never used computer controlled doppler correction.
I have tried it some time ago, but still I prefer hand correction.

All these computers tight to the radios makes qso-ing for me less 
What will be the next computer controlled thing ??? Automatic qso voice ???
After many problems with software (to slow, long start up, nice colors but 
no function etc etc) I decided to use my computer only for antenna tracking, 
but I have been looking for ways to even skip this kind of computer use.

Lets go on in RF technology and leave the computer stuff.
I have been working on a system to work satellites without computer at all, 
and this makes qso-ing really a challence. The only thing is that the 
qsl-cards are same value, but it doesn't care for me as I like technology 
more than qsl-cards :o)

The hams who want to use a computer, go on. The one who don't, go on also...
The only rule is to stay in the band-plan and avoid interference of other 
When we keep this rule, then all hams, with or without computers, are happy 

73 de VU/PE1RAH
William Leijenaar in Bangalore, India

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