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Re: EchoLink Conference Server

Dear Reinhard,

I think that it's a perfectly good medium for maintaining contact, and 
even more so for satellite operators who at the moment, don't have many 
sats to work!

Based on the feedback received to my note, I plan to organize a net 
using the AMSAT conference server. More details to follow.

Perhaps by having frequent "special guests" on the net, satellite 
designers and builders who can answer technical questions, there will be 
more interest?

Thanks much for your note.

73 de Jeff, Ke9v
AMSAT-NA #28350

Reinhard Richter wrote:
> Together with Paul, KB5MU I have initiated the AMSAT conference server
> which has then be established by AMSAT-NA. I thought that it would be a
> nice instrument for exchanging minds besides the contacts through
> satellites. At the beginning I have proposed to meet daily between 18 and 19
> UTC, but even the European people have not shown up. Actually I have met
> some people there at the beginning , but most of them were no satellite
> operators but have checked in for curiosity.
> Frankly speaking I am kind of disappointed that this media is not more
> accepted. Maybe there is a  more convenient sked time which meets the behavior
> of US people better?

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