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Re: One true rule in 2004...

At 09:10 AM 5/3/2004 -0700, Jim Walls wrote:
>I don't at all because the Yaesu FT-736r does not have the ability to send 
>the frequency back to the computer (one way only).  This means that  the 
>only way to use computer control does not allow you to grab the VFO know 
>and dial around.  It is MUCH harder to dial around the band with the 
>computer control, and minor tweaks to frequency during a conversation are 
>so much more difficult than grabbing the VFO knob.  The only place I use 
>any sort of computer control for receiver control is on S-Band where I am 
>using an Icom PCR-1000 receiver that has no controls at all except 
>computer control.  It is used on AO-40 where doppler moves slow enough 
>that it's not normally a real problem.  There I'm still manually 
>controlling the frequency even though it's via a computer screen.

The Icom 910H is bi-directional, so I can spin the knob and it will be 
reflected in the tracking application.  But the funny thing about that is 
that it doesn't do that if the radio is in FM mode, only SSB.  However I 
think that is an issue with the tracking program, not the interface or the 

>The other issue with using a computer screen is that I am running out 
>of  screen space.  When I'm operating satellite, I normally have Nova for 
>Windows for antenna tracking, frequently an IRC chat session, a logging 
>program, a web browser, and E-Mail client all up.  The screen is pretty 
>crowded already.  I don't need yet another window up that I actually have 
>to pay attention to.  Using yet another serial connection is also an issue.

I solved that with a dual monitor system.  My local Cosco had 17 inch LCD 
monitors (1280x1024) for $99 last weekend so that is going to put dual 
display systems in reach of a lot of folks.



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