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Re: One true rule in 2004...

Let me try this again with ALL of my comments, instead of inadvertently 
sending it in mid sentence....

Freeman P. Pascal IV wrote:

 > I've been curious about how to handle doppler tuning with SSB
 > transponders.  Having just re-read KB5MU's "One True Rule for Doppler
 > Tuning" I'm curious how many folks now days are using computers and
 > radios that are capable of the one true rule.

I don't at all.

 > I'm using WXtrack and TRX-Manager with my TS-2000.  I should be able to
 > follow the one true rule with this combination, but doing so would only
 > make sense if others can too.

Correct.  If EVERYONE in a conversation has full computer control of 
doppler, the "One True Rule" works great.  However, if any one party in 
the conversation does not have the ability to use full computer control 
of doppler, then it becomes a royal pain in the $%& for everyone involved.

 > How many folks today are using computer controlled doppler adjustments
 > with their radios?

I don't at all because the Yaesu FT-736r does not have the ability to 
send the frequency back to the computer (one way only).  This means that 
  the only way to use computer control does not allow you to grab the 
VFO know and dial around.  It is MUCH harder to dial around the band 
with the computer control, and minor tweaks to frequency during a 
conversation are so much more difficult than grabbing the VFO knob.  The 
only place I use any sort of computer control for receiver control is on 
S-Band where I am using an Icom PCR-1000 receiver that has no controls 
at all except computer control.  It is used on AO-40 where doppler moves 
slow enough that it's not normally a real problem.  There I'm still 
manually controlling the frequency even though it's via a computer screen.

The other issue with using a computer screen is that I am running out of 
  screen space.  When I'm operating satellite, I normally have Nova for 
Windows for antenna tracking, frequently an IRC chat session, a logging 
program, a web browser, and E-Mail client all up.  The screen is pretty 
crowded already.  I don't need yet another window up that I actually 
have to pay attention to.  Using yet another serial connection is also 
an issue.

 > If computer control is not universal yet.  How many folks are following
 > the alternative outlined by KB5MU to tune the radio with the highest
 > frequency?
 > I noticed on SO-50, FO-20, and FO-29 that QSOs seem to drift up and down
 > which would suggest that folks are still doing manual adjustments but
 > following different rules for making those adjustments.

Correct.  It does work better when everyone follows the same "rule". 
The easiest to implement is adjusting the receiver.  If you adjust your 
transmitter, the other guy ends up having the chase you around a bit 
every time you adjust your TX frequency.  However the closest thing we 
have to a standard is to adjust the higher RF frequency.  Since most of 
our linear satellites that have been usable in the past few years have 
been low in / high out, most of us adjusted the receivers (the easy 
adjustment) which just happened to follow the "adjust higher frequency" 

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  818-548-4804
AMSAT Member 32537 - WSWSS Member 395

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