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Re: One true rule in 2004...

At 07:27 PM 5/1/2004 -0600, Freeman P. Pascal IV wrote:

>I've been curious about how to handle doppler tuning with SSB
>transponders.  Having just re-read KB5MU's "One True Rule for Doppler
>Tuning" I'm curious how many folks now days are using computers and
>radios that are capable of the one true rule.
>I'm using WXtrack and TRX-Manager with my TS-2000.  I should be able to
>follow the one true rule with this combination, but doing so would only
>make sense if others can too.

Hi Freeman,

Actually, it always makes sense to stay on the correct frequency.
If the other station is not tuning correctly, you can still help
the situation since they will need to follow your downlink.

The thing to remember is that you need to do whatever is necessary
to complete the qso even if the other guy is way off. If you
use either computer control or at least tune the highest frequency
link, you still help the "drifting qso" problem even if it isn't
perfect. Fortunately, it doesn't need to be perfect to have fun!

Tony AA2TX

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