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Re: One true rule in 2004...

On 1 May 2004 at 19:27, Freeman P. Pascal IV wrote:

 I'm curious how many folks now days are using computers and
> radios that are capable of the one true rule.
On AO-40 i was only using manual tuning, and for those who where using automatic tuning for up and down i 
have to constantly have to readjust my TX frq to remain at the same downlink. I'm greatly in favor of the 
unwritten rule "Tuned the higher frequency"
> How many folks today are using computer controlled doppler adjustments
> with their radios?  
When monitoring AO-40 beacon with AO40RCVR i was using computer controlled doppler adjustment
 How many folks are following
> the alternative outlined by KB5MU to tune the radio with the highest
> frequency?  
That's was my prefered way to make doppler corrections even on LEO.
I have another interrogation here If i want to always be at 0 discriminator on a fixed frequency (up and 
down) at the satellite, did my downlink correction to keep my 0 discriminator (central FM carrier point) will 
also keep  0 discriminator at the satellite?(considering no doppler correction at the satellite) i guess yes 
but hard to verify by myself at the satellite...


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