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Students' satellite in space

April 25 - A team of Deer Valley High School physics students sent a 
student-built satellite into "near space" where a digital camera took 
photos 19 miles from the ground.

The Deer Valley Physics Club was one of 10 teams that worked with 
Northern Arizona University and the Arizona NASA Space Grant program to 
launch satellites from fields in Maricopa earlier this month. Each group 
designed and built a satellite that was carried aloft by weather balloons.

"We expect to have images, and hopefully, a short time-lapse film based 
on our digital images," said Brian Bingham, club sponsor and science 

The satellites were tracked and recovered with the help of Arizona Near 
Space Research, a scientific-educational amateur radio balloon group. 
Students are analyzing the data in class.


The Arizona Near Space Research group is focused on "Promoting Science 
and Education through Amateur Radio and High Altitude Balloons." 
Hands-on participation by interested radio amateurs and non-amateurs 
alike. Visit them on the Web at:


Jeff Davis, KE9V
AMSAT #28350
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