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Re: Community of interest?

> I've watched this survey babble for a few days now.  I can't
> call it a debate, because it hasn't been rational enough for that.
> It boggles the mind.
Well said, Jim!

>From what I've seen, our AMSAT _volunteers_ are doing the best they can.
I appreciate their efforts!

I've been part of this BB for several months, hoping to gain a little
"How to" for someone still saving for a satellite rig. I'm astounded at
the attacks on AMSAT _volunteers_. Geez, if you guys are this vicious,
crass, immature and insulting on a BB...why in the world would I want to
spend the extra bucks to get a satellite rig so I can endure your
self-centered attitudes on a satellite? Are we done with the whining
over statistics? Have we finished beating people up over AO-40?

Keep it up guys, 20m CW is looking better all the time...

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