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re: re: modeling qha

> John, it has never been "modeled", but it works....I've been using them for 
> years..

That's fine, it works, that's what really counts. I have the same experience
with J-poles; the NEC2 models i've come up with come up give funky results  
at best...  But they're easy to build, not hard to tune, and not alot seems 
to go wrong with them.

If i'm going to build an unconventional antenna, i prefer one that i can
model, especially one that will show me that if it'll still work decently
if i don't quite get all of the measurements right (which also tends to
compensate for the fact that the models are all big approximations anyhow).

		         -- KD6PAG

P.S. Thanks for the link, and i noted especially the RS-15 comments.  I 
haven't seen any good figures for the needed uplink and i've definitely 
heard its beacon on a regular basis, wondering what it takes to get into 
the bird if/when it's working.

[Note: If anyone receives something purportedly from <kd6pag@qsl.net> that 
isn't signed with my callsign, then it probably isn't from me.]
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