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Re: RE: PCSAT Cost and Satellites

At 01:09 PM 03/31/2004 -0500, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >While your responses to the above question had a lot
> >of very good information for those of us who are newbies
> >to the satellite construction business, it did not really
> >address the question.
>Yep, its a hard question...  Ill answer to the BB for what it's worth:

On the subject of books to learn from.

I can highly recommend "Understanding Space" by Dr. Jerry Sellers.  It 
makes an excellent companion to SMAD and is in a much more readable 
style.  It's used in many undergrad Astro courses.
90% of the questions and ideas that come up on the bb could be answered by 
reading Understanding Space.

Beyond that:
If you want to dig into structures: "Spacecraft Structures and Mechanisms", 
Thomas P. Sarafin.

If you want to know about space propulsion: "Space Propulsion Analysis and 
Design", Ronald W. Humble.

"Cost-Effective Space Mission Operations" is ok if you want to learn about 
that topic - but not much of it applies to small sats.  by Darly Boden and 
Wiley Larson.


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