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[Fwd: weekend 27 Mar-afterwards]

Assi.  Other than completely misspelling your name in the heat of battle, I've 
got to congratulate you on your well thought out message to the AMSAT community.
It is so hard to compose such a message.  I've tried and usually piss off the
entire network with misconceptions and assumed meanings.  If there is any way
that this can be avoided, more power to you.  I can not do the job.
     Note that this is possibly a record in that I have NOT been involved in
silly AMSAT-bb machinations.  I did reply to Bob Bruninaga reinforcing his listing
of requirements for satellite design.  The very last is those that are attempting
to change the laws of Physics as our present congress and  president seem able to
do in the short term!  Do read that comment on AMSAT-bb.  Note lack of capitals!
     Let me limit my comments to you as I just have recovered from a three day
balloon launch involving Stanford and Cal Poly.  If these silly, dumb damn near 
incompetent "members?" of AMSAT even knew ten percent of what goes on to prove a
launch the traffic on AMSAT-bb would be reduced by that much.  I fully understand
why BOD does not respond.  I'm getting equally tired---both with the membership
numbers game being played and the silly "AMSAT COORDINATOR" function which is 
falling apart.  Barry in his wordy manner can be helped but it will need the
help of COMPUTER people with RF skills.  The AMSAT tracking library of programs
is in awful shape.  Let us do what is required before Dayton!  Cliff K7RR

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Subject: weekend 27 Mar-afterwards
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 23:50:54 +0000
From: Cliff Buttschardt <cbuttsch@kcbx.net>
Reply-To: cbuttsch@kcbx.net
To: Bob Twiggs <btwiggs@leland.Stanford.edu>,Ed English
<eenglish@slonet.org>,Jordi Puigsuari <jpuigsua@calpoly.edu>
BCC: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@nadn.navy.mil>,Ray Soifer <ray@soiferconsulting.com>

Bob, there are number of items that need to be said about the weekend balloon
launch not necessarily in order of importance.  To me, one of the most important
items NOT done was for me to meet your crew.  I was so damn busy getting ready, I
missed the launch entirely with my head in a computer.  With my skills, that is
disaster indeed!  Ed and I were so far South during recovery that we did not get
back until you had departed with your payload.  Understandable, but not part of
the satisfaction we usually need to make such supreme effort meaningful.  We need
to run a critique of the balloon activities to be sure no lesson is overlooked.
     On another subject, I noted your message to AMSAT and understand some of the
couched terms used.  Do be careful to observe that AMSAT would not have gotten
off their silly backside without most of us putting our entire reputation on line
and screaming at the Toronto convention.  The best reference to this is Assi
Freedman who wrote the level headed analysis of the University "function."  I do
not have to tell you how many lifetime favors I called to get this accomplished.
     The subject of your callsign on No-45 has come up once again.  Best not let
anyone know of the details as to how your call got put on that satellite.  That
was one of the most difficult negotiations ever.  You have simply GOT to support
ham radio in a fashion somewhat uncomfortable to you.  We will help but we are
NOT out of the woods but rather just starting.  Ed, me and you are stairstep in
descending age.  We have to leave something from which others can build other than
the notion that Universities are only interested in using ham frequencies rather
than producing amateur results on ham frequencies.  You might want to reread your
AMSAT reply note in this regard.    73   Cliff Buttschardt  K7RR
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