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The University <-> AMSAT relation, was: _ube sat pay load

Hi AMSAT members,

I am Masafumi Iai, a graduate student in Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering Dept., Tokyo Institute of Technology, and am a project
manager of the next our satellite, a successor of CUTE-I (short for
CUbical Tokyo tech Engineering satellite-I) launched the last June. We
fall into the "second group," ie "the universities that want to build
spacecraft for sake of building spacecraft." But we have determined our
main objectives already. They are radiation protection method and
attitude control algorithm.

We do not want to be an enemy of AMSAT members either. That's why we
are reading amsat-bb and why we have discussed our use of amateur radio
with JAMSAT(Japan AMSAT Association) members here in Tokyo at the early
stage of our project. They said basic communication is what they really
want, as well as members here. Also they told that, if you cannot have
enough resources, it might be nicer to use all the resources to
experiments rather than to devide them to provide insufficient service.

Because there seems no transponder with power requirement reasonable to
us and we want to share something with AMSAT community, we are going to
equip our satellite with digipeater or alike. Digipeater, or maybe "cute
gizmo", is, so far, most reasonable solution to share the satellite
functionality within power constraint. I want to know how digipeater is
interesting or uninteresting, useful or useless to you, and what is the
way to make digipeater more attractive. Any comments, suggestions, or
criticisms are welcome. Our project is still in the stage of conceptual
design, so we can possibly have flexiblility.

Assi's analysis on collaboration between Mech&Aero and EE seems quit
right. Among EE professors we contacted during CUTE-I project, just one
professor got interested in developping satellite's communication
systems, but just as his personal interest. Finally nothing happened. EE's
interests seems not in development of communication systems particulary
for tiny satellites.


IAI Masafumi 
Cute-1.7 Web: http://lss.mes.titech.ac.jp/ssp/cute1.7/index_e.html
CUTE-I Web: http://lss.mes.titech.ac.jp/ssp/cubesat/index_e.html

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