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Re: Cube sat and DSPs (was Re: cube sat)

At 07:27 PM 3/28/2004 -0500, Dquagliana@aol.com wrote:
>Keith N6ORS writes:
>Now, converting the RF input down to the audio range, 
>where the DSPx's ADC can process it, with the remaining 
>275 milliwatts (of that 1/2 watt power budget) is left as 
>an exercise to the reader, but should be achievable in a 
>simple receiver.  QRP kit type receivers typically use 
>much less than 275 milliwatts on receive.
>In addition, there are open source applications already written
>for the DSPx and free development tools.  If someone does launch a
>DSP processor, factors such as free and open tools and a known
>architecture will help to increase your pool of available DSP 
>programmers from among the ranks of amateur radio operators.  

As you speak here, a fellow in the amateur radio astronomy world has built
a  I-Q direct-conversion receiver for 1420 MHz with 98 KHz bw.  May not be
space qualified chips but didn't I just read the the Universities were
cobling up satellites with RS parts (or such)?  Then its the sw that does
the demod.  Sounds like a SDR, right?  So design a standard radio and
launch them and install whatever sw your heart desires.  Want to change
later...upload the change.

No I do not have this expertise...but this is a college student doing this
if I am not mistaken.

73s Ed- AL7EB

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