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RE: The University <-> AMSAT relation, was: _ube sat pay load

This is as nicely put as I have seen it.  It is as clear and cogent
an argument as I have seen as to WHY we are at odds.  We have had
this tension since Martin and company lofted UO-11 without a
serious transponder on it.

However, whatever battle was to be fought is over.   Count the number
of "theirs" and "ours" and what that number is likely to be.  We have
allowed the ship to leave port.  We did not provide it an anchor and
we blew up the docks behind them.

It is the responsibility of our organization(s) to work with those
which we can influence to try and help them be good citizens. PERIOD.
This is in our interests.

They do not need us to tell them what and how to build and we do not need
to do so anyway.   PCSAT's  have done Radio Shack and Hamtronics and
passed the world's toughest tests (manned space flight) and this message
will ring loud and clear.  Small groups do not like any more layers of
bureaucracy than they already have to put up with.  I hope we are not
viewed as such.  We had an opportunity to provide guidance.  Instead,
our chosen (self-appointed?) representative brought YEARS of personal
baggage to the table and told the  smallsats to pack up and go home when
any person bringing a rational perspective would have said:  "Here are
our concerns . . ..   We do not want to be your enemy, but we are sharing
a finite resource.  Let's figure out how to share."  We MIGHT have gotten
something in return such as the complete lifting of the burden of building
smallsats on our members nickel and gotten transponders for our use.  Next,
my old friend Hans needs a replacement.  If he has one ounce of integrity
left, he would resign and say he can not do the job, please lift this
burden. AMSAT-NA needs a representative who will bring a philosophical view
to this and attempt to stay involved and relevant to these small sat groups.
Otherwise, we are frozen out, and without a voice and it will be our own

There's the sermon from brother Bob for this week,

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