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Re: Re: cube sat

At 08:07 AM 3/28/2004 -0800, keith wrote:
>There is a very simple reason why there are no 'Whiz-bang' type Cube
>POWER.  Power is everything guys. You have about 3 watts to work with
>lets say you only used 2 on the transponder, (highly unlikely, a
>transponder with  any width would leave everyone milliwatts of power)
>that leaves you 1 watt for everything else. Attitude control, Processing
>, Sensors etc.

Totally agree!  OSCAR 10, 13 and 40 were the size they were for good reason 
- they needed to be.

Not all satellites have to be huge - they have to be "big enough".  Which 
is why the triple-cubesat design used for Quakesat looks acceptable (to the 
untrained eye) for a small transponder.  I don't recall exactly but I think 
they had a projected power budget of 8 watts.  I think that's going to be 
the bare minimum footprint for something that will do more than bleep or 

Miniaturization can reduce the size of many things, but the quantum leap in 
reducing the size of power generation hasn't happened yet on a broad scale 
insofar as I know. Foldable thin film CIGS panels might help. I've read 
articles that suggest they are fairly, light fold up into a very thin size 
and are self-repairing when subjected to radiation (up to a point of course.)


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