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re: The University <-> AMSAT relation, was: _ube sat pay load


I just read the message from Keith, see below...

*My Impression has always been that the universities are not actually
*'working with us', they
*tolerate us and throw us a few crumbs (fm/aprs,bleep-bleep) only to
*covet the use of our bands.

*Keith N6ORS

I already told this in an earlier message, and I still agree with this.
Besides that they trow them all in a orbit where they stay for up to 300 or 
more years...
The satellite missions last only for a few months or even weeks, and most of 
them have no real radio experiments, but use the radios only as cheap 
telemetry downlinks.

Then I see a message where has been asked for an interresting payload.
So why they are not interresting in making an lineair transponder ??

May I suppose a little guess ?
Its maybe to difficult for the students ? or to much analog ?

And from AMSAT side I donīt believe that they will not provide any 
transponder when these schools want to cooperate with us. I have a small 
transponder design, right of the selve, but its not available in kit form 

Kind regards,
73 de XQ/PE1RAH in Santiago de Chile

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