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Re: The University <-> AMSAT relation

In a message dated 03/28/04 4:22:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, 4x1kx@iarc.org 

> it's just that it is about
>  time that we accept that neither group is really aligned with AMSAT's 
>  further more, the spacecraft building universities are actually more likely
>  to do the kind of research we hams were chartered to do than we are
>  currently doing - but we beat them into submission. The focus of national
>  AMSAT groups in the past years was/is/will be to provide a service for well
>  established modes - not communications research

And this is why many of US, AMSAT Members, are begging AMSAT to develop a 
policy, and provide a liaison with a "moldable" package which will be presentable 
to these groups....

Here you have an entity, asking about a payload package, and AMSAT itself 
doesn't reply, only individual members provide their thoughts with their own 
individual opinions and biases.

We have been told many times that the "Board doesn't have time to monitor 
this forum," however, these are the opportunities that are missed because the 
AMSAT organization is not built to interact with individual membership thoughts 
and needs.

I have to agree with Drew, lets develop a communication package which will 
provide the Universities control and downlink needs, and include in it the 
potential for reversion to something we can also use after it fulfills the 
university's goals.

I can think of three examples of where "reversion" worked or could work to 
our benefit. UO-14 is a perfect example. After it's useful life as a "mailbox" 
for it's operations in Africa, it was graciously turned over to amateurs as a 
very popular "bent-pipe" and used for several years. NO-45 was "recovered" by 
hams for Amateur use, only because the controlling entity realized that 
university no longer had a use for the satellite and the technology to control it had 
been "lost." It's default turned out to be an APRS style package. Bob 
Bruninga can probably help me on the third. I believe that a satellite package was 
launched by an East Coast University with a unique modulation system on it. The 
time from development to launch was long enough that the interested parties 
had graduated, only half of the earth based communications system was built, and 
for all I know the sat may be still sitting up there waiting for use. (Maybe 
with soundcard technology it could be activated?)

We may not get to participate in every package but AMSAT needs to WAKE UP. We 
need to be prepared to provide all the "solutions" we are capable of to take 
advantage of these "low-cost" launch opportunities.

Off my soapbox, seems to happen every Sunday morning

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