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Re: RE: Kids' licensing material?


Terry, ZL3QL, stated it very well and I just want to add that it is not 
what we want these children to become..but it is what we can offer them to 
find themselves on the path to their future.

My son got his ham license at age 9 because he wanted to talk to an 
astronaut in space. And you know what ...he did.
And that accomplishment is with him today.  It is not just a personal 
milestone that he attained, but it is recognizable as a credential of 
accomplishment by the fact that he is a member of a community the public 
recognizes as worthy of respect.. Amateur Radio..Eagle scout ...ect...

By the time our children get to their teens and high school many of the 
paths they will follow are set.

The most important gift that we can give them is a sense of self worth and 
self esteem. With out this they can follow lessor paths set by peer 
pressure.  When they have a sense of who they are, or can be, thru 
recognized accomplishment, they will have found an inner strength of self 
that will help them find a place in society that will benefit all.

And you know what..?.....maybe...after awhile.....when things settle 
down......some old childhood sweet memory will resurface.

To us it may just be a scratchy...fading.....hard to hold...CQ ..CQ....but 
if we try hard....and we give them the tools...we will hear them again.

Al Emer

At 07:40 PM 3/27/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>PS: As far as they don't disturb my ham hobby, I am not against these 
>young hams.
>I only want to protect THEM, because at the end there will be a time they 
>only stay at packet radio and nothing more, just because they miss the 
>electronical knowledge to go on with other radio technologies...
>73 de PE1RAH,
>William Leijenaar in Santiago de Chile

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