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Re: ube sat pay load

> Sorry to say, but basic communications, though not original
> is still an absolutly critical requirement in the AMSAT community.
> Cute gizmos  are only cute.  What the AMSAT community
> needs is reliable satellite communications...  We have wasted
> too many launch opportunities with cute payloads.
> What we need is communications transponders...
> de WB4APR, Bob

Absolutely! LEOs, HEOs, Mode A, B, J, U/S, L/U, L/S, L/X, etc.......

I'm not an RF engineer, or even a particularly good tinkerer, but it seems
to me a lot of these schools are more interested in the process than the end
product or experiment. I get this notion from seeing how plans include using
what ever off the shelf radios, tncs, etc they can fit in their spacecraft.
This is fine and all, but how wonderful would it be if AMSAT could provide
them with a simple, compact design for a receiver or transmitter, or a
complete transponder? Something as off the shelf and easy as using an HT for
the radio system like so many cubesats seem to do. These guys have the
launches, the money, and the manpower to build sats that we can all
use...and it's time for AMSAT members to step up to the plate I think. If
these things are happening already, let's hear about that to

Before the next BOD election cycle I'd like to hear specific thoughts on how
candidates (and other AMSAT leadership) plan to overcome this challenge. And
I hope we can have a useful discussion without getting personal.....If these
things are happening already, let's hear about that too!!!

73, Drew KO4MA

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