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RE: Kids' licensing material?


I still don't know how it is allowed that young children of 8 years or less 
can get their ham license.
Then this license must have very low level, and will just be for how I make 
a qso...

How someone from 8 years old does know about the physical working of a 
transceiver ?
Only to know the mathematical basics you need to be very very good to 
understand it at the age of 8 years old. Then the fact that you need to know 
the electronical basics too, and then besides that you need to learn the HF 

Its just impossible I think !! The only way they can do this is by 
programming their brains with numbers, but in fact they have no idea what 
they are doing.

But maybe the exam is not that difficult as I am thinking, so I will be 
interresting what they have to know to get their license, and on what 
frequencies they can work with this license...

PS: As far as they don't disturb my ham hobby, I am not against these young 
I only want to protect THEM, because at the end there will be a time they 
only stay at packet radio and nothing more, just because they miss the 
electronical knowledge to go on with other radio technologies...

73 de PE1RAH,
William Leijenaar in Santiago de Chile

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