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--- Wayne Estes W9AE <w9ae@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Gary K8KFJ wrote
> That was a private email I sent to you Chip.  I had hoped you would
> have replied in a like manner.  I had no wish to make it BB subject
> matter which is why I sent it privately.
> Wayne W9AE replies:
> The first time I saw your private message was when YOU posted it to
> amsat-bb.  I don't think Chip posted your private message to
> amsat-bb.

That evidently was the case and Chip pointed that out to me later.  I
thought I had seen it on the BB but it now appears that wasn't the
case.  As a result, I have apologized to Chip for making something a
problem that really wasn't a problem to begin with.  He has graciously
accepted my apology.
73, Gary -K8KFJ-

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