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Re: cube sat

Bob Bruninga wrote:

A linear transponder like FO 20/29.  2m uplink and 70 cm downlink.  Only 30 KHz wide is enough.  1W PEP Use DTMF and a key chain RX (postage stamp) for ON/OFF control and power management. Use a MIM chip for AX.25 telemetry.  It will easily fit in the 4" cube...

Wayne replies:
If the downlink was on 2m, people might actually HEAR it with omnidirectional antennas.  Steerable gain antennas would be required to hear a 1W transponder with 70cm downlink.  Each individual signal on the transponder would only have a fraction of a watt.

A camera with SSTV downlink could attract a lot of attention from schools, prospective hams, etc.  Again, a 2m downlink would be preferable because it has less Doppler shift.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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