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Re: PCSAT Cost

>>> "Christensen, Eric" <CHRISTENSENE@MAIL.ECU.EDU> 3/24/04 9:48:13 PM
>How much did PCSAT cost to build?

It depends.  We got $50k
Spent $2k on flight parts
$8k for spares and test items.
$40k on meetings and travel and phonecalls with bureaucrats
Our 2 man years of labor was free.
Our share of launch cost was $3.5M
but was paid by DOD...

But this is NOT how AMSAT should build satellites.
We had nothing to lose.  The satellite was not the
objective, the learning for the students was the 
objective, so we could take all kinds of risks that
NO-ONE else can afford to take...  If AMSAT took
the risks we did and blew $4M of HAM's contributions,
you can imagine the flack.  AMSAT does it right...

So I only answer the question with those caveats...


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