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It is hard to believe, but after I did my little EME stunt a few years
ago on FD, somebody actually whined that the Moon (OSCAR-ÿ) isn't a
mechanical satellite, so I ought to be disqualified from FD, locked in
irons, and have my coax pinned for all eternity. ARRL's position, up to
then, had literally been, "Chip, if you're crazy enough to go to the
trouble of putting up an EME array for Field Day, and actually make a
QSO, we'll give you your 100 points!" Thanks to W5UN's big array, a QSO
was completed with ease with about 100 Watts out the back door to two
10-element Yagis.

See http://www.arrl.org/contests/results/2000/FDAY.pdf for details.

But thanks to whiners, the current rules may have been changed. Some
folks need to get a life!


Chip Margelli, K7JA
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