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Re: cube sat

Hello, Nick and everyone,
This is ji1izr/ masahiro.

There are two cube sats built by university labs in Japan in the sky now.

One sends telemetries about the condition of sat, just like temperature,
 gyro-sensors, voltages of solar panels and batteries, etc.
This one uses AX.25 and another, newly created by an university student,
 packet system.

The other sends telemetries also.
But this one has small digi-camera and sends the picture data, too.
Some pictures are available on the web site of the university,
 but I'm sorry to say only in Japanese.

We, HAM's, gather the data and send them to each labs for their help.
We also enjoy the pictures sent from the latter sat.
I am one of a HAM group who exchange and share the data and information
 about the picture like when and where they were taken.
I prepare my web that include the pictures and maps when the sat took the

Masahiro Sanada
     de ji1izr

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