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Re: EME during Field Day?

On Tuesday 23 March 2004 07:50 pm, you wrote:
> Wondering if anyone is planning on doing EME during Field Day this
> year?
> Can anyone say how that will be counted under the ARRL rules for
> points, mode, etc.?

As I read the rules, it counts exactly like any other contact using that 
band and mode.  I thought the ARRL once upon a time issued a 
clarification that EME contacts counted the same as amateur satellite 
contacts, but the rules don't seem to explicitly say that. The good 
news is that EME doesn't count as a repeater contact (which would be 

> I'll be running only about 50 watts output to the array this year and
> was wondering if I could hear someone to demonstrate the mode to the
> rest of the club.

I'll be impressed if anyone hears you at 50 Watts.  I don't know if 
you've worked EME before, but if not, you should get in some practice 
before field day.  Have you checked to see if the moon will be in a 
favorable position on Field Day?

- Bob

> James W8ISS
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