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Re: Re-crystaling Microwave Modules 432/28 Transverter


I see that Domenico i8CVS has already given you a very detailed description
of his MM transverter.

MM made an improved version of their 432-10 MHz transverter, where the band
coverage is extended with two switches.  I have the original documentation
of this transverter and can forward it to you, if required.

Deon ZS1ZL

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Re-crystaling Microwave Modules 432/28 Transverter


I recently bought a second-hand Microwave Modules 432 -> 28 MHz transverter
on Ebay in order to gear up for CW/SSB LEO work. I had thought that all of
these provide a means of working on 435, too, but it seems mine doesn't.
I'm wondering if anyone has experience re-crystaling these models. In
particular, since the existing lo xtal is a 101 MHz, I was thinking of
buying the 101.750 crystal from Down East Micro.

If no-one has direct experience with this model, general advice would also
be welcomed. I suppose the question here is how broad-band the lo osc.
tuned circuit and the rest of the filters, etc. are. I've never done any
homebrewing in UHF/VHF territory, so I'm a bit unsure. In any case, I'm
guessing that swapping an xtal isn't going to bust anything, so it might be
worth it as an experiment.

Bruce Robertson, VE9QRP
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