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Re: EN67

We've been putting EN57 and EN67 on the FM sats for the past three years
for one weekend in mid August for International Lighthouse/Lightship 


We've made quite a few sat QSOs from those two grids using two HTs and
an Arrow antenna. However, last year, with UO-14 and AO-27 being semi-
reliable, SO-51 was the only option. That satellite got so busy with the 
people running high power that we couldn't get a signal into that satellite 
all. We got so frustrated at the lack of discipline that we decided to 
any more attempts at satellite operation until we got a decent portable
AO-40 setup. We really hoped to be on AO-40 this year from both EN57
and EN67.

Yes, by all means, if anybody has mobile equipment and is planning a trip to
the Keweenaw, stop off at Eagle Harbor (EN57), then drive up to Copper
Harbor (EN67) and put those two on the air. Brockway Mountain is in EN67
and provides the ultimate horizon-to-horizon coverage. Just take the insect
repellant with you. Those biting flies are nasty!

Mike, N8MR

You are right, Drew,
There hasn't been any action from the northern peninsula of Michigan for
quite a long while.

Actually there has been very little mobile/portable activity on the FM
or any other birds for quite a while, too.  Allen,  N5AFV did a swell
job on his cruise and gave out a lot of new ones, but that's been a few
months ago.

Come on guys, fire up those mobile rigs!

John, K6YK

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