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AO-7 and RS15 comparison

In an attempt to evaluate comparative signal strengths on RS15 I made 
several contacts on AO-7.

Signals were very strong, and several contacts were easily made on both 
mode A and mode B.  I had disconnected polarity switching on my KLM-22c 2M 
uplink, and a result had some severe uplink fading at times throughout the 
pass.  My only 10 meter antenna is an inverted vee, but downlink sigs were 
strong from horizon to horizon...

Not so on RS15.  Nothing heard in the passband on the downlink using the 
same 10 M inverted vee.  During RS15's heyday I had the luxury of switching 
between a 3 EL beam, a horizontal loop, a random wire, and a 10 M 
vertical.  I have 100 watt 2 M uplink capability..

I would like to hear from anyone that has made RECENT CONTACT, or heard 
their response in the passband on RS15.

I would also like to have the following verified on RS15.

On 29.352, the original beacon frequency, I heard ~ a one second tone that 
was repeated ~ every 4 seconds during the entire pass.  The frequency was 
shifted ~1.5 kHz during the pass, and disappeared when the pass was 
scheduled to go over the horizon.  I DO NOT have a directional 10 M antenna 
so I could not verify direction, but the signal was very strong on the 
inverted v...The doppler is consistent with expectations, and is the only 
reason I have for suspecting it came from RS15.

Confirmation from a beam user would be valuable...I'll be listening on some 
more passes...The NEWS has been reporting it as intermittent??

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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