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Fwd: reception of rosetta

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From: j.p.griebel@t-online.de
To: r.richter@dj1km.de
Date: Friday, March 19, 2004, 9:37:21 AM
Subject: reception of  rosetta

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Hi everybody,  

this morning, 19.3.04 at 8:48 UTC  I ( EA8BFK / DJ9PC ) was successfull
with the reception of the beacon of the Rosetta spacecraft.

My Position  was  IL38BO in Fuerteventura, Canary Island.  Hannes,
DG1GGH had provided me with the position data. The rig here is a 1,1*1,0
m offset dish with a helix feed of 51/2 turns. Preamp and converter by
DB6NT to my  IC 1271.

Position of spacecraft was not far from sun, so I could verify my rotor
position at sun noise, before tuning to rosetta at 112 Az / 31 El .

Frequency  reading was 8421,631 MHz ( 1271,631 ).  The beacon frequency
was given at 8421,790 MHz and the offset calculated with -100,4kHz .

I seem to have a offset in my converter quartz of abt. 60kHz which I
could not verify as I have no frequency reference here.

Distance of spacecraft was 5.515 Mio km and signal strenght was less
than expected. my guess : about 38-40 dBHz  compared to the reference
 files provided by G3RUH. It should have been abt. 45dB according to my
calculation . ( signal in my headfone would have been well for cw qso )

Neverthless I am happy that I have not setup the equipment here without
getting the result.....

I will try again during th next days and try to record the signal with

73s, Peter  

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Peter has asked me to forward this message to AMSAT-BB which I do with
peasure. It is very remarkable that he has received Rosetta with a 1m
offset dish only.

Reinhard, DJ1KM                           

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