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What if AMSAT-NA don't come up with the 110K needed to launch Echo by June
29, will Echo sit on the shelf for a year or more waiting for the next ride?

I for one hope we don't find out, one can see that not all AMSAT-NA members
have given to the launch campaign yet. Is their anyone who can say just how
many members have given money to the launch campaign, and what % that is of
the membership. I would be very supprized if it was more than 1 out of 5 who
have given.

Anyone know how many of the AMSAT-NA members subscribe to the amsat-bb?
One would think with all the talk just a short time ago when everyone was
wanting a new satellite LEO/HEO that the money would be rolling in right and

sure would be nice to see ALL of the BOD's get on the amsat-bb and make a
plee for the funding of the Echo launch campaign, maybe it would mean more
to those who have not given yet and are thinking of doing so.

At the rate the Echo launch campaign is going June 29 will have come and
gone and AMSAT-NA will still be short of money by a long ways.

If I ever have to pull antennas and rotors down I hope it is because they
are broken, not because there is no satellites to work.

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