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FO-29 traffic ?

 Hello to all,

  I wonder about FO-29 satellite... almost in each
orbit with good pass over here the last 3-4 weeks, I
call CQ mainly on CW ... usually does not answer no
one, does not exist nobody except few stations, like 
OH5LK, LZ2FP etc... I have a few "DUPE" QSOs with this
stations only.
  Why this? It's a great satellite, with pretty easy
access I think...  always the FO-29 is "loud and
clear", just by using "simple" antennas and it has a
good "footprint", like AO-07, so in each pass we have
enough time for few QSOs. Also on SSB, no traffic at
  In the contrary, the AO-07 has usually a
big-traffic, even if it has heavy distortion on
Downlink signals... so, just I wonder why a good and
clear satellite like FO-29 is "lonenly", without

73, Mak SV1BSX


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