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Re: Off topic, but I thought I'd ask.

>  Hello all,
> I know this is off topic, and if there's a better place to post this, please
> let me know!
> Does anyone have experience, or suggestions with using Starry Night Pro 4.5
> with a "radio telescope" set-up?
> Specifically, I'm using a Yaesu/KenPro G-5400B controller and a G-5500 Az-El
> antenna rotor.
> Is anyone familiar with the hardware/software interface requirements to use
> SNP with this type
> of configuration? Is anyone else using SNP for radio astronomy? Experiences,
> or hints to share?

Starry Night can interface to telescope drivers to cause the
telescope/mount to slew to the RA/DEC or Az/El coordinates as desired.
Happily, there is a single, standard interface in use by the Amateur
Astronomy community, so that once you've got yourself a telescope
driver, then other software like TheSky, SkyTools, Cartes du Ciel
(free), etc. can all use the same driver.

What you want to do is head on over to http://www.ascom-standards.org/
and download the ASCOM platform, including the developer components.
There are a bunch of drivers in that distribution, along with the
source code for them.  You could probably take one of them as a
starting point and figure out how to command your rotator.  You could
also check the ASCOM-TALK group on Yahoo groups where most of the
ASCOM driver developers hang out.

(Astro-Physics 155EDFS 6" aprochromatic refractor, 900GTO mount, 
CCD camera, motor-focuser, etc.)

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