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When ISS will pass over with Andre Kuipers ,
i want to connect  other place`s ( scoolclass and / or scoutinggroup f.i.)
with my shack.

We are already verry active in wide fm (broadcast mode) on 70 cm here in the
southern Netherlands. Useualy we use converter`s
from 70 cm`s down to 3 meter , and hook them up to a HiFi tuner.
With some mechanic`s we fix the l.o. of the converter to te scale `et
voila`.(and there you have it)

But now i got me a verry fine digital tuner made by KENWOOD type KT-990 D.
It`s a remarcable good tuner with usefull capabuillity`s. But i was even
more surprized when i opened it:
there is a place on the mainboard for a (possibly UHF) reception unit! (see
picture`s at the link)


Now i hav a few questions;

does someone know what type of  KENWOOD has a completly filled  mainboard,

what TV frequentie is it made for (Japanese , American  or just UHF)

and does someone know where i can find an ellectronic (pdf f.i.) manual of
this tuner .(i know i can buy one but i`m inpatient...)

To all who are buisy with wide fm , this tuner is a `party` for your ears!

Chris PA5RWE

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