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Former Amsat member returning....

Hi everyone. My name is Dan Carlisle, W0UHF.  I
haven't been active much in ham radio in the last
several years and haven't been on satellites in about
10 years.  All of my Satellite operation was while I
was in college at Michigan Tech from club station W8YY
with a TR751A TR851A pair and Hy-Gain 70cm Cross yagi
and Cushcraft Cross Yagi + (plus TS440 for RS-10 10m
downlink and RS-12 15m uplink mode KT).  From there I
used to operate RS-10 (Mode A), RS-12(Mode A & KT),
AO-13 (Mode B & J), AO-21 FM and once on FO-20 (JA)
and worked MIR once also.

Lately I've been itch'n to get back into it. I have an
FT-847 now and also picked up a MMDS Grid Dish and
converter I was going to use on AO-40 before the
January battery incident.  I've been reading the mail
here on the bb most everyday since the end of January.

So it looks like the only linear birds that are
operational right now are FO-29 and AO-7.  I don't
have any rotors or beams up right now; is it possible
to work these two on SSB with omnis? Will quarter wave
ground planes make it? How much power.  Of course the
ideal would be to get a pair of beams up with az/el
tracking but I was just wondering if the omnis will
work until I do?


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