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FMers on FO-29!

I was looking for FO-29 from about 18:17z - 18:27z
today March 10 on my FT-847 mobile with a quarter wave
gp and heard what sounded like FM around 435.875 MHz
so I switched over from USB to FM to listen.
I thought it might be someone on 2 meters that didn't
know they were going through a satellite, but
listening to their conversation they knew they were. 
They were talking about needing to switch from right
hand to left had circular and telling the other person
to icrease your uplink power.  Then they were sending
some kind of SSTV type signal.  I know SSTV over SSB
is OK, but isn't FM a NO-NO on the linear sats?
I didn't get all of the calls, but one was W9NTP and I
think the other ended in ZCF, maybe WA2ZCF but not


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