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Re: Re: 2M downlink

Hi Dave,

Changes here, in the political ideology have meant a move from state control
towards "Market Deregulation" and a "User Pays". Unfortunately, this has
lead to an increase in interfering signals in both the Ham VHF and UHF
allocations. We have no active overseeing organization like the FCC any
Anybody wanting an interfering signal investigated must pay for the
investigation. Our spectrum management authority's main function is to
generate revenue for the state.

This has lead to the importation of such items as Chinese made "Long Range
Cordless Phones". These are much like regular cordless phones, but have
outputs of
several watts and operate in the VHF band, often on 2 meters and sometimes
in the 145.800 MHz to 146.000 (Space) segment.

Wireless Weather Stations, Cordless Headphones and the like, that work on or
around 434 MHz are imported from Europe. They play havoc with out UHF
repeater system (5 MHz offset, unlike 1.6 MHz in EU) and intrude into the
UHF Space 70 segment.

Cheap switch mode power supplies, that have a whelk's chance in a supernova
of being FCC compliant, are dumped on to our domestic market.

These devices are illegal, but in the absence of any real policing, the law
in ineffective.

This is not a country where the "illegal use of vhf & uhf had gear has been
rampant". It is becoming one.

Sil - ZL2CIA

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> I've posted about this several times but nobody seems to have noticed.
Pressure on the spectrum is UP *not* DOWN.  I really would like to hear from
hams in countries where illegal use of vhf & uhf had gear has been rampant
about what the situation is like now.  My understanding is that illegal use
of the ham bands has decreased as cell phone technology has proliferated.

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